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Please write the name that you used when you applied for your Unique Student Identifier (USI), including any middle names
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Language Literacy and Numeracy (LLN)
Nova College s committed to support all of its students in successfully completing their selected qualification/s or short courses. For Nova College to best accommodate this, we ask that every learner select one of the following (if neither box is ticked, default is assumed no LLN support is needed) :
*If you’ve selected this option, a Nova College staff member will contact you to arrange this assessment. The assessment will take about half hour.
Consent clause: I grant consent to Nova College to use, record and disclose my: name, image, recording and copyright material, including their written, artistic or musical works or video or sound recordings (Individual work).
1. I declare that the information I have provided is true and correct. I am aware of the consequences that may arise from providing false, misleading or incomplete information, including the cancellation of my enrolment or the withdrawal of any offer made by Nova College.
2. I understand that my RTO (Nova College) is required to submit data sourced from this enrolment form to the national VET administrative collection as a regulatory reporting requirement. The information contained on my enrolment form may be used by my RTO or the following third parties for administrative, regulatory and/or research purpose:
a. School – if I am a school based apprentice or trainee or VET in Schools student.
b. Employer – if I am enrolled in training paid by my employer.
c. Government departments and agencies and authorised VET related bodies.
d. VET regulators.
3. I agree that it is my responsibility to update my personal details with Nova College, should they change, in order to receive updated course information or Certificate/Statement of Attainment.
4. I recognise that it is my responsibility to provide all necessary documentary evidence of my qualifications and studies and hereby authorise Nova College to obtain further information where necessary.
5. I agree to abide by the rules and regulations of the training facility and am aware of the Student Manual of Nova College. I have accessed the Student Manual and have read and understood the learner policies in it.
6. I agree that the assessment material will become Nova College’s property once submitted. I agree I am responsible to make a copy for my own record (if desired), before submitting this material.
7. Sometimes Nova College promotes training activities through marketing or course materials. I agree that Nova College may use my image, quotes I have provided or comments I have made in Nova College promotional material and activities. I understand that I will not receive a separate notice or request for approval if/when this happens.
8. I agree that, where my employer has paid all or part of my course fee expenses, I authorise Nova College to issue a copy of my qualification Certificate or Statement of Attainment to my employer. I understand that Nova College will post the original Certificate or Statement of Attainment to me directly, to the address I provided on this form.
9. I understand that Nova College complies with the Privacy Act 1988, and that information collected on learners is only used for the purpose of delivery of service and as required by law, or for compliance with RTO registration requirements.

10. I have read and understood the pre-enrolment information and Student Handbook.